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The Dream

A Unique Place

Located at 5643 feet (1720 meters) over sea level, the terroir here presents one-of-a kind soil and climate conditions.

It is said that God would not have given us the capacity to dream if we could not make our dreams come true. Thus we trusted that we could turn our fantasy into reality; that we could turn the valley that had captivated us from day one into a vineyard.

Challenging every forecast, advice and warning… the passion was stronger than the reason.

The Calling

Challenging what is established

The undeniable vocation to challenge everything presumably established has today made Chañarmuyo Valley an oasis for the new altitude-driven argentine wines and noble grapes.

Nothing would be easy. We had to start from scratch. With no information, no resources, no precedents. “A very cold area, just for walnut trees”, they said. The faith was stronger.

The potential

In love with a unique terroir

So we took the challenge, convinced of the potential of this unique terroir and in love with the majestic and peaceful beauty of the valley. After years of big efforts, excellent counseling, patience and dedication, we saw the first results of what today is a unique vineyard in Argentina, recognized with its own appellation (Geographical Identification in Argentina). High-end wines with international recognition…a surprise for many people. The new altitude-driven viticulture in an ancient soil.