The Terroir and its People · Bodega Chañarmuyo
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The Terroir and its People

An Oasis in the Middle of the Dessert

Chañarmuyo Valley

Chañarmuyo Valley is an oasis in the middle of a rocky desert with very little vegetation. It is surrounded by the Paiman hills, which are older than the nearby Andes Mountains, located to the north-east of La Rioja province, in Argentina. Situated at 5643 feet (1720 meters) over sea level, it presents one-of-a kind conditions. The wild soil contrasts the giant green thistles that look up to embrace the sun light.

At night, a canopy of stars covers everything with its magic. They are reflected in the mirror that the dam of rivers Blanco and Durazno create. That same water is used to irrigate our lands; ice-melt pure water captured by the Chañarmuyo dike. The altitude and the dry weather create a micro-climate that combines hot days and cold nights in the summer, with frequent snowing in the winter. This wide range of temperatures makes it ideal to grow noble grapes that will find their expression in the wines coming from this wonderful terroir; a land that keeps the memory of the ancient aboriginals who lived there, the Diaguitas.

The Ancestral Culture of Northern Argentina

The Town

Chañarmuyo has a special charm reserved to those who discover pleasure and beauty in the profound and ancestral culture of the small towns in northern Argentina, where the flame of old civilizations is still alive and enlightens the colors, traditions and culture… the roots and the peace. Stillness, awaiting, silence.

The inhabitants of Chañarmuyo live in a village of old streets, crossed by warm daily breezes and cold night winds coming from the mountains. The old houses made of mud and straw, the square, the church and the pub. The magical realism of the Andean man wants to be discovered with no rush, as when tasting the wines. Each one of its inhabitants has been an example for the birth of the epopee. It is dedicated to them, since they are its blood and its guardians. The vines are nourished by their wisdom, patience and courage.