The Wines · Bodega Chañarmuyo
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the wines

Celebrating the respect for the land

The fruit of many years of dreaming

The Chañarmuyo Valley vineyards are located at the foothills of the Paiman Hills. The altitude and the protection from the valley generate a unique micro-climate. The high sun exposure, the skies filled with sun rays, the cold nights and the total absence of strong precipitations or winds contribute to a higher concentration of color, aroma and flavor in the grapes that are carefully chosen to elaborate each one of our wines.

The wines are an expression of the terroir, and their quality directly depends on it. Thus we look after our vines daily, since they are the fruit of many years of dreaming, work and sacrifice. Each one of our wines celebrates the respect for the land, its people, our tradition and the legacy we are leaving behind for our children. Each variety represents our devotion, personality and character.